Three Things that will change your life (Best Motivational article)

Three Things that will change your life

In this world every person has some or more problems which she
or he facing in every daily life. Every person tries escape or solves his
or her life problems. Everyone wants to change life, But s/he can’t
do or can’t success in it. Here I want to give you some best points
to change your life.

Three Things that will change your life (Best Motivational article)
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Now which Three Things that will change your life? Let’s discuss.

1 – Hope (Positive Thinking)

2 – Daily Routine (Daily Work)

3 – Community (Your Friends)


1 – Hope (Positive Thinking)

Hope is life, without it human is nothing! It’s only the best thing
which can save your life in any horrible or terrible time. Hope in anything transforms
more energy and power to your mind and body for action.

Hope is very positive thinking. When you have hope in anything
it prepares your mind and body to start work with more energy and efforts.  Means
half of your task automatically completed.

In every morning wake up with any positive hope and it will
make your whole day joyful and fruitful. You will enjoy spending time in any
work or action.

 So, creative more hope in your life. It’s
very essential and basic tool to be successful person.


2 – Daily Routine (Daily Work Sequences)

Daily routine makes your personality. On daily basis what
you think, behave or do has full effects on your personality.
So changing in your daily life routine ultimately causes change
of your personality. All successful persons in all around world only
did this method. They changed their daily routine. And that changed their whole
life completely.

At that your daily routine may be look like that: Wake up in
morning at 7 o’clock, in hurry get fresh and do breakfast and go
ahead to office. Came back at home  at 6 o’clock in evening
get fresh and a take a tea, take some rest, after do dinner and then
go out with friends for fun and finally came back at 12 A.M in
midnight and directly go to bed and sleeps.

Oh this your daily routine! I have seen there is nothing new in your
life you are working as machine. Now I’m going to give you idea how to change
your life.

Form today you do these changes in your daily routine.

Get up in early morning at around 6 A.M. First, keep silence at
least 4 to 5 minutes and don’t think about anything just calm your mind.
Second, take paper and write your today work in sequence. Then go for a
physical exercise at least for 15 minute. Now get fresh do your breakfast and
go ahead to office. Third, give very little time to your friends. if there
is any body needs your time or help, schedule it in professional way
and give him calculated time with smiling face and broad heart. Because time
is very precious and valuable for you. So consume it in
best way, don’t waste it in doing silly things. Utilize your time
wisely. Balance time and you have life. Nature also have same rule.
Fourth, after office time, do work or anything in which you are
interested. In this time you can meet your goal or can follow
your wish.


3 – Community (Your Friends)

Make community who has giving value same things
or interested in same thing things as you are. Here
community means friends or any persons who have same idea, value, life style,
hobby etc.

This community will give boost and you can learn more from this community.



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