A True Motivational Story of Colonel Harland David Sanders, who founded KFC Updated (2024)

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 Who was Colonel Harland David Sanders?

let’s know some of the unbelievable facts about a person who struggle almost
all the time of  his life and never give
up. Colonel Harland David Sanders was his name. But after that I want to ask
you that. do you know who started KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken? Don’t know!? So
don’t worry here I also give you surprised answer of it. Just you have to read
this article till the end.

A True Motivational Story of Colonel Harland David Sanders, who founded KFC
Photo by icon0.com from Pexels

He was born on 9th September, 1890 in
America’s Henryville Indiana. At the age of five, he lost his father. After the
death of his father, the financial condition of his family became very poor, also
he had to take care of his younger brother and sister. So at the age of 16, he
left his school. After the second marriage of his mother, his 
step father’s bad behavior forced him to left his
house. Then within one year of time period he was fired from 4 companies. After
that in 1906 he went to his uncle’s house and stayed there for some days.

His uncle was working in a company named
street cars and so he got a job of a conductor through his uncle’s preference. At
the age of 18 Harland got married but his 
married life was also not good. At the age of
20, just after 2 years of his 
marriage his wife demanded for a divorce and decided
to live separately with their children. At the age of 22, he joined the army
but from there also he was fired. After that he applied for admission in a law school,
and again he was rejected.


Then starting from selling insurance and
credit cards to tyres of different cars, he tried many different small
businesses but not for a single time he was succeeded. In the 1929 he went to Corbin and opened a gas station.

Along with that gas station, he open  his own small stall and started to sell there
some new kind of fried chicken made by his own unique recipe. People started to
love his fried chicken. The governor of Kentucky loved his fried chicken so
much that he rewarded Harland with colonel designation.


After getting so many positive responses first
time in his life, he decided to increase his restaurant business.

He completed an 8 weeks course on hotel
management from Cornell university. But here again failure hit him in life. Due
to construction of a highway, he had to 
close his restaurant as per the government’s order.

After that he decided to work as a chef in a
small cafe. At the age of 65 when he retired from that cafe, only a 105 dollars
check was given to him. Which was just a few months expenditure for any person
at that time. He was mentally completely broken down and attempted to suicide
for several times.


Although he was failed in every aspects of his
life, but he never lose his faith on his unique recipe. The only unique recipe
that inspired him to fight for success even at the age of 65.


He went off with his unique recipe and a
pressure cooker to do marketing of his unique recipe. He went to different restaurants and told them about his unique fried chicken, but everyone rejected

After being rejected from 1009 restaurants, finally
one restaurant owner decided to give him a chance. And from that day onward he
was never ever rejected.

Although all his life he was a failure, but his
faith and believe in his unique recipe made him overcome all those struggles
and finally helped him to reach to the peak of success.


He had only 2 rules in his life

Rule 1: Try to do everything that is possible
by you

Rule 2: Try to give your best in everything.


Because he believed, that is the only way to
achieve something bigger in life. Eventually his unique recipe started to
spread his identity and kingdom in different countries.


At the age of 88 he became a millionaire.

Today KFC or Kentucky Fried Chicken is on more
than 118 different countries all over the world. In 1980 at the age of 90 years
old, Colonel Sanders died due to pneumonia.


Now are you agree that age can never be an
obstacle in the way to success?

This is the great life story of Colonel Harland
David Sanders whom the world know as the KFC’s.

 Do You have some further knowledge about Harland or KFC please comment below.


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