100 Pakistan Studies mcqs repeated in IBA, fpsc, ppsc, spsc, nts test ( Pak Study MCQs, questions and answers )

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Important Science mcqs repeated in IBA Tests

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1- How many imaginary lines of longitude are there on globe map?


2- 180 Degree longitude line is called?

International Date Line

3- Earth moves through 15 degree of longitude each?


4- How many standard time zones are there?


5- Prime Meridian is located at?

Greenwich, England

6- Pakistan is divided into how many physical regions?


7- K-2 is part of which mountain range?

Karakoram Range

8- Which is second highest mountain in the world?


9- Which is highest peak in the range of Hindukush range?

Tirich Mir

10- Tirich Mir is located in?


11- Which mountains form a border between Pakistan and Afghanistan?

Koh-e-Safed and Waziristan Hills

12- Which pass connects Pakistan and Afghanistan?

Khyber Pass

13- How many plateaus are there in Pakistan?


14- Potawar Plateau is located between?

Indus and Jhelum River

15- Where is Balochistan Plateau located?

West of Suleiman Mountains and Khirthar Hills

16- When war of independence was fought?


17- Muhammadan Anglo Oriental College at Aligarh was established by?

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

18- When Sir Syed Ahmed khan was born?


19- When Sir Syed Ahmed Khan died?


20- when Muhammadan Anglo Oriental College became Aligarh Muslim University?


21- Who founded Indian National Congress in 1885?

A. O Hume

22- When Muslim League was formed?


23- When Quaid e Azam joined Muslim League?


24- When Quaid e Azam left Congress?


25- When World War I started?


26- When World War II ended?


27- Who started Khilafat Movement in 1922?

Maulana Muhammed Ali Johar

28- When Muslim League and Congress came together again in All Parties Conference?


29- How many kilometers Indus river is long?

2800 km

30- Area between two rivers is called?


31- Pakistan has a coastline of?

1045 km

32- Equator has —— Degree?

0 Degree

33- How many lines of latitude are there in globe map?


34- The latitude located at 23.5 D North of equator is called?

Tropic of Cancer

35- The latitude located at 23.5 D South of equator is called?

Tropic of Capricorn

36- The latitude located at 66.5 D North of equator is called?

Arctic Circle

37- The latitude located at 66.5 D South of equator is called?

Antarctic Circle

38- The Pole located at 90 D North of equator is called?

North Pole

39- The Pole located at 90 D South of equator is called?

South Pole

40- Which imaginary lines measure the distance of East and West of Prime Meridian?

Longitude Lines

41- 0 Degree of longitude is called?

Prime Meridian

42- Which calendar is based on the time the Earth takes to travel around sun?

Solar Calendar

43- One solar year is equal to?

365 days

44- Year with 366 days is called?

Leap year

45- AD stands for?

Anno Domini

46- BC stands for?

Before Christ

47- When Asoka was born?

269 BC

48- When Asoka died?

232 BC

49- Which calendar is based on the time the Moon takes to go around earth?

Lunar Calendar

50- When did Lunar calendar begin?

Migration of Holy Prophet to Madina

51- AH stands for?

After Hijrah

52- How many deserts are there in Pakistan?


53- Which desert lies between Indus and Jhelum?

Thal Desert

54- Which desert lies eastern part of Sindh and Punjap provinces?

Thar-Cholistan Desert

55- Which desert lies in western parts of Balochistan Plateau?

Chaghi-Kharan Desert

56- Atlas Mountains are located in?


57- Alps Mountains are present in?


58- When Nehru Report was published?


59- When Quaid e Azam gave his fourteen points?


60- When Allama Iqbal addressed Muslim League at Allahabad?


61- Where Third Round Table Conferences were held?


62- First Round Table Conference began on?

12th Nov 1930

63- When Second Round Table Conference began?

7 Sept 193

64- When Third Round Table Conference began?

17th Nov 1932

65- Who was writer of Vande Mataram?

Bilkam Chander Chitraji

66- When World War II broke out?


67- When Muslim League celebrated Day of Deliverance?

22 December 1939

78- When Pakistan Resolution was passed?

23 March 1940

69- Who moved Pakistan Resolution?

Maulvi Fazal ul Haq

70- Who was Maulvi Fazul ul Haq?

Chief Minster of Bengal

71- Who was last viceroy of India?

Lord Mountbatten

72- When British Parliament passed the Indian Independence Act?

18 July 1947

73- Thermometers are used to measure?


74- Barometers are used to measure?

Atmospheric Pressure

75- Anemometer is used to measure?

Wind Speed

76- Keenjhar Lake is located in?


77- Manchhar lake is located in?


78- Moenjodaro means?

Mound of Dead

79- In which year Muhammad Bin Qasim attacked Sindh?


80- Jalal ud Din was the founder of?

Khalji Dynasty

81- The advocate of Two Nation theory is?

Sir Syed Ahmad Khan

82- What is area of province of Sindh?

140,914 sq. km

83- When first constitution of Pakistan was enforced?

23rd March 1956

84- When Malala Yousuf Zai won Noble Peace Prize?


85- How many houses of Parliament are there Pakistan?

Two (2)

86- Lower House of Parliament is known as?

National Assembly

87- Upper House of Parliament is called?


88- Where the biggest salt mine located in Pakistan?


89- Who suggested Pakistan Standard Time?

Prof Muhammad Anwar

90- 1962 constitution is known as —— constitution of Pakistan ?

Second constitution of Pakistan

91- 1962 constitution was promulgated by?

Ayub Khan 

92- 1962 constitution was promulgated on?

1st March 1962

93- Attabad Lake was formed due to landslide in?


94- Attabad Lake It is located in?

In the Gojal Valley (Gilgit Baltistan) 

95- The Thar coalfield has huge reserves of coal. Its located in ?

Sindh Province

96- The Thar coalfield has huge reserves of coal. Its located in _____ district of Sindh?


97- Which flower is the national flower of Pakistan?


98- The national bird of Pakistan is?


99- The national sport of Pakistan is?


100- The national tree of Pakistan is?

Diyodar (Deodar)

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