A True Motivational Story of A Wise Boy – A moral short story

 A Wise Boy

(Today I’m going to write a short story for you. Its a moral kind of story. I hope you will enjoy it.)

Edward was a boy, studding in secondary school. He has many
class-fellows some of them were his best friends. On a weekend, he and his
three best friends went into a forest. All of them were enjoying the nature
beauty and wild animals. Suddenly they saw a lion coming toward them. They all
were frightened and has fear of lion.

All of them knew climbing trees except Edward. So
his three friends ran up to a tree and climbed up quickly. They did not think
of Edward.

Edward did not know tree climbing and he was so

Just in a moment Edward had an idea in his
mind.  He think animals do not prefer to
eat dead bodies. Quickly fell to the ground and held his breath for some moment.
The lion sniffed him and thought he was dead. So, he went away.

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His friends asked Edward, ” What did the
lion whisper into your ears?”

Edward replied, “The lion tell me that to
keep away from friends like all of you” and went on his way.

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10 Top Best Universities in United States where you can get admission as International Students (2024)

How to get Admission into Top Best Universities or Colleges

Before I start writing a list of top universities in the United States. I want to write about the best
strategies to get admission in any college or university.

10 Top Best Universities in United States where you can get admission as International Students
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels


If you are sincere
with your study and want to get admission in top college or university then you
must apply these strategies to gain admission to academia at a top college or
university and fulfill your educational dreams.

 You will need
educational support materials and opportunities.

  • A 3.75-grade point average or higher SAT or a CT
  • High SAT and ACT scores
  • A compelling application Essay
  • Outstanding recommendation


  • Summer programs
  • Clubs and extracurricular activities

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